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This Hand Painted Blue Pansey Floral Glass Candle Holder is a perfect addition to any interior as a unique home decor accessory. The Blue Pansey glass candle holder can also make the perfect gift for a nature lover, this piece is both beautiful and functional. With vibrant blue hues and a floral design, this will bring a touch of elegance to any room. 
The transparent glass beautifully disperses the light from the candle projecting beautiful shadows when placed a nearby wall. Just switch off the light and let the candle display a beautiful show on the wall in the dark.

This is a great gift idea for any occasion and will look amazing on any shelf or table.

Glass candle holder: 10 / 12 cm diameter, 12/ 14 cm high (including the metal stand)
Metal Stand: 23 cm high ( included in the order)
Tealight not included.


Disclaimer if you use a real candle:
Never leave a burning candle unattended. 
Keep burn candles out of reach of children & pets. 
Do not move whilst lit or if wax is molten. 
Place on a flat, level, heat-resistant surface away from other sources of heat & out of draughts.

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Blue Pansy Candle Holder, Hanging Tealight Holder

PriceFrom £28.00