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A beautiful hand painted feather candle holder in gradient teal and shimmering glitter outline, this feather candle holder offers a beautiful way to light a candle in the memory of the loved ones.

- made of 100% glass
- heat resistant (for the tealight)
- Handmade to order
- comes complete with metal stand

Each piece is hand-painted and  the transparent glass beautifully disperses the light from the candle projecting beautiful shadows when placed a nearby wall. Just switch off the light and let the candle display a beautiful show on the wall in the dark.

Beautiful and delicate yet strong and resistant to high temperatures, the candle holder can be successfully used with a tealight or artificial led light. The choice is yours.

Glass candle holder: 10 / 12 cm diameter, 12/ 14 cm high (including the metal stand)
Metal Stand: 23 cm high ( included in the order)
Tealight not included.

Disclaimer if you use a real candle:
Never leave a burning candle unattended. 
Keep burn ca